How To Shadow Puppets Mug

by edwin - on January 2nd, 2016

shadow-puppets-mugNot all mugs are created equal, that is for sure. Still, there are some people out there who will do their bit to ensure that their mug remains the most unique amongst the many mugs at the office pantry, simply because a communal mug is not all that comfortable an idea to work with in the first place. Here is one truly unique model ā€“ the $14.99 How To Shadow Puppets Mug that will not only hold your favorite beverage well (hot or cold, it does not matter), it will also be printed with the right kind of information where you can equip yourself with the knowledge of making 10 classic shadow puppets. When cold, you see the shadows, and when it is hot, you see the hands ā€“ how cool is that!

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