Sumo Smackdown

by adminAl - on December 5th, 2015

sumo-smackdownThere is something feral about sumo wrestling if you have ever attended a live match, as plenty of tradition and the amazing speed at which the wrestlers duke it out betray their huge size. Well, have you ever wondered just how would life be like if you could end up as one of these ancient Japanese warriors? Wonder no more with the £24.99 Sumo Smackdown. Thanks to the Sumo Smackdown, you will be able to battle mercilessly to force your component to the ground, all without having to go through the risk of suffering from a dislocated shoulder somewhere. These remote control wrestlers will entertain you forever more, and the only sprain that you might pick up would be those of your twiddling thumbs. Grunting side effects are thrown into the mix for additional realism, and it will be powered by half a dozen AAA batteries and a pair of 9V batteries for a set of two. a

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