I Just Pulled An All Nighter Panda Sticky Notes

by edwin - on December 18th, 2015

all-nighter-panda-memo-padIt looks like there are many different ways to communicate with one another, and we have certainly come a long way from using Morse Code and smoke signals. Sometimes, when we have to work at the office with other humans, getting the right message across in the correct manner can be quite a challenge, especially when words have to be carefully worded in order to avoid a misunderstanding or miscommunication. The $3.99 I Just Pulled An All Nighter Panda Sticky Notes not only gets the message across in a cute and non-threatening manner, it also drops a subtle hint – that you have been busting your back for the better part of last night, so much so that you are now not in the mood for a prolonged complaining session or anything else of that sort. In other words, just leave you alone!

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