Hot Dog Stapler

by edwin - on December 1st, 2015

hot-dog-staplerEveryone loves a hot dog – it is one of the fastest way to fill up your stomach by being a snack, and it definitely is worth stacking up other kinds of condiments in the vein of sauces, radish, onions, pickles, cheese, the works. Talking about it alone makes me hungry already, and here we are with a unique addition to any desk – the £7.99 Hot Dog Stapler. It is the tastiest looking stapler ever conceived, sporting a soft bun with a stone-cold frankfurter, in addition to the classic squiggly squirt of mustard sauce. Of course, you can’t eat it, as it is meant to staple your paper together. Best to keep it out of reach of children, don’t you think so?

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