Don’t Get Buzzed Drinking Game

by edwin - on December 16th, 2015

buzzed-drinking5Different people manage stress in different ways. Some of us actually go ahead and sweat it out, making sure that as much frustration as possible is released when one faces the punching bag. Others prefer to retreat into a quiet solitude, preferring not to be disturbed by the rest of the world. As for another group of people, handling stress through drinking or eating might be their way of dealing with it. Whatever it is, the $16.99 Don’t Get Buzzed Drinking Game is a nifty toy to bring out each time you throw a party, as you are supposed to move the metal rod through the shape of the beer bottle image without touching the wire – touch it and sounds and red lights appear, requiring you to finish another shot, sending you deeper into the abyss of drunkenness.

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