15 Foot Illuminated Gingerbread House

by edwin - on December 2nd, 2015

illuminated-gingerbread-houseThe scale of things always plays a big role in the life of us humans. Otherwise, how else can we be awed by the pyramids of Egypt, or the tallest building in the world in the Middle East? For children, anything new is always a good way to snag their attention, and the $499.95 15 Foot Illuminated Gingerbread House is definitely one of those items on your Christmas shopping list that you might want to look into, taking into account of its ability to keep the little ones occupied this holiday season while you have a jolly good time catching up with the rest of the adults. This 15′-tall inflatable gingerbread house inflates in minutes using the integrated air pump, and will ensure the waterproof 190-denier polyester structure remains plump and inviting with constant air flow.

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