The Legend of Zudsa: Ocarina of Grime Soap

by edwin - on November 3rd, 2015

zudsa-ocarina-of-grime-soapOne of the more endearing franchises from Nintendo would be the Legend of Zelda series, where it has always been an epic adventure, and you will be able to find different favorites for different people. After all, no one size fits all, and gaming can also be a very tiring business, especially when one talks about the long hours spent exploring all aspects of a Zelda game. Gamers who grew up with the original Game Boy will be able to identify with me when it comes to accumulating grime on the back of the Game Boy’s grooves, where a toothpick is one of the more effective ways of getting rid of such grime. Well, here is a throwback to the early 1990s with the $14.99 The Legend of Zudsa: Ocarina of Grime Soap. It helps clean up whatever sweaty palms you have from a gruelling gaming marathon so that you can get right back into the thick of action, nice and clean. So real, it might actually fool some into thinking that it is a real game cartridge!

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