Switchblade Folding Fork

by edwin - on November 18th, 2015

switchblade-sporkEating seems to be high on the list of many people, and it is no wonder why – after all, we do need to eat in order to sustain ourselves, so why not make sure that we get the best quality food possible? Having said that, eating with the right utensils also make plenty of sense, and if you love to exude a sense of danger among your friends and family, then having a go at your meal with the usual cutlery is not good enough. No sir, you would do well to fork out $8.95 for the Switchblade Folding Fork which will certainly make you suave and debonair. This metal and plastic utensil snaps open with the push of a button to 11″ long, and comes with a safety lock to prevent unexpected deployment.

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