Stainless Steel Bendy Straw

by edwin - on November 20th, 2015

bendy-steel-strawI don’t know about you, but the mention of a $7.99 Stainless Steel Bendy Straw does sound like an oxymoron by itself, don’t you think so? This is definitely a terrific alternative to disposable paper or plastic straws when it comes to keeping the earth nice and green, although out of habit, you might just chuck away this straw once you are done with your drink. Thankfully, it has already been bent right out of the factory lines, making sure that we do not need to have any kind of metallurgy knowledge in order to get it going. It can be used over and over again without getting all funky or chewed up, is a snap to clean and does not absorb flavors or odors such as their plastic cousins.

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