Never Ending Musical Christmas Card

by edwin - on October 19th, 2015

never-ending-christmas-cardThat time of the year is coming again, where you will need to fork out additional money to purchase gifts for your family and friends during Christmas. This can be quite a hit on your bank account in the negative sense, and for those whom you are not going to hand out gifts, there is always the obligation to send a card to wish folks well. If there is someone in particular whom you know would be up for a splashing good time where pranks are concerned, then the £9.99 Never Ending Musical Christmas Card is sure to be a hit – as it will continue playing the holiday ditty for a good 3 hours, non-stop – regardless of whether it is smashed, torn or submerged in water, now how about that? It is delivered in safe mode, and comes with a protective seal ensuring your prank won’t backfire into your own face.

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