Goat Coffee Mug

by edwin - on October 1st, 2015

goat-coffee-mugHaving a nice cup of coffee is definitely worth exploring, especially if you do not happen to be a caffeine addict in the first place. For coffee lovers, your daily cuppa can be considered to be a non-negotiable aspect of life. Well, if you happen to fall into the latter category, then the £24.99 Goat Coffee Mug might be worth checking out – this is an extraordinary mug that is crafted entirely from eco-friendly materials, where it is 100% leak proof with the ability to ensure that your beverage remains heated for up to 2 hours. Not only that, it has the added advantage of transforming in a jiffy to be a coffee mug stand, now how about that? There is also a cross-body strap for mind-bending portability, making it one of the coolest coffee mugs that we have come across to date.

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