Farting Mug

by edwin - on October 29th, 2015

farting-mugEvery single office drone deserves to have a mug to call his or her own. It makes plenty of sense after all – it is not that nice to use someone else’s drinking apparatus every single day, and it can be rather tiring asking permission from the owner each time you would like to have a cuppa of your own. If you know of someone who has yet to own a mug in your office, and want to play a “get to know you” prank, then the $14.95 Farting Mug does make plenty of sense. This is a gem of a mug – anyone who picks it up will hear one of 6 different fart noises that sound so realistic, it is bound to cause some embarrassment for sure. The sound module can be removed with a simple twist for fast and easy leaning.

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