Bendy Pencil

by edwin - on October 23rd, 2015

bendy-pencilIf you have watched Marvel’s Fantastic Four before, or read the comics, you would know that one of the more memorable characters out there would be none other than Mister Fantastic, or Reed Richards himself. Boasting of the ability to be able to stretch thinly, he certainly has powers that offers plenty of food for thought. Does his eyes stretch as well if he decides to make his face flat, and even then, how does he see since the optics of the entire situation would be a whole lot different compared to what we know today? Having said that, it is but fiction, which is why the $2.99 Bendy Pencil is something that is unique. It can bend and twist into almost any shape, where you will be able to tie them even in a knot, now how about that?

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