Batmobile 3D Slippers

by edwin - on October 8th, 2015

batmobile-3d-slippersI certainly wonder how many of us actually bother to follow a particular theme in our homes or offices, but if you would like the rest of the world to know that you are a really huge fan of a particular movie character or series, then there are more than enough merchandise to go around if said character or series is popular enough. Batman is an extremely popular guy whom little boys would love to emulate – while grown men wonder why they are not born into such wealth, looks and brains. Well, you can still have a sliver of Batman goodness in your life with the $49.99 Batmobile 3D Slippers, which happen to be based on the Batmobile from the 1989 Tim Burton / Michael Keaton Batman, and one is able to choose from Small (7/8), Medium (9/10), or Large (11/12) sizes. Do take note that it does not come with a remote which will see this pair of slippers return to you at your whim and fancy!

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