Stress Sausages

by edwin - on September 26th, 2015

stress-sausagesLet’s face the facts – we happen to live in an extremely stressful environment these days. The work at the office continues to pile up, as though there is not going to be any kind of stop or end to it, and on the way home you will have to battle with many other cars on the road, or if you’re commuting, to squeeze your way into trains and buses while sharing body odor with one another. Things can get pretty out of hand easily, and hence it might be worth remembering to de-stress whenever possible – and the £6.99 Stress Sausages are funnily enough, a decent outlet to ensure you are less stressed before heading home. This is a terrifically enjoyable anger management solution that is made from durable rubber that’s a pleasure to clasp, where you can choose from 3 different shapes and sizes – Frankfurter, Saveloy & Weisswurst.

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