Pixel Loading Martini Shaker

by edwin - on September 11th, 2015

pixel-martini-shakerA martini shaker might be something that you might want to pick up since you can never quite tell as to when you are going to host a party, or you have an unexpected guest, so serving him or her a martini might be a good idea. Well, just to make sure that your geek street cred is maintained – or even enhanced, here is the $28.99 Pixel Loading Martini Shaker which is worth a purchase. After all, it is a surefire conversation starter no matter how you look at it, and the digital look of it will definitely win some chuckles or at least a smile. This is one martini shaker which will be able to cause plenty of fun and excitement, where some of the side effects may include wishful thinking, dangerous dance moves and/or verbal malfunction.

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