Anatomic Heart Specimen Coasters

by edwin - on September 18th, 2015

anatomic_heart_coastersTaking a drink after a particularly long day at work – or even worse, week, that can be excused. After all, you do need to find an outlet where you will be able to destress yourself. Having said that, how about going back to the comfort of your own home and retreating to your favorite deck chair, with a drink of your choice in hand? Of course, unless you are rich enough to employ your own bartender, I am quite sure you would have the necessary equipment required to get your drink fixed just right, the way you like it. Whenever you go ahead with such a retreat, perhaps you might want to invite some friends over – after all, good times should be shared, right? Show them what eclectic taste you have with the $19.99 Anatomic Heart Specimen Coasters, where it comes with a printed image of the human heart on them.

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