Gourmet Scented Donut Stress Ball

by edwin - on August 8th, 2015

gourmet-scented-donutsThe modern day office drone has plenty of stuff to worry about – whether it is backstabbing colleagues who might just have something up their sleeves to change the dynamics of power in the office, or perhaps demanding clients who want the entire moon – and then some, but are pretty miserly with their monetary payments. Having said that, how about letting out all of that stress through a well deserved holiday break? That is possible only if you have the time and money to do so, and for instant relief, perhaps something that is a little bit closer to home might help – in the form of the $7.99 Gourmet Scented Donut Stress Ball. This is a stress ball that can be placed within reach, and it not only looks delicious, it smells good as well. Perhaps it might even act as a reminder for you to go grab an actual donut in order to keep your growling stomach happy, and a sugar rush would always work wonders when it comes to uplifting one’s spirit, doesn’t it?

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