Basil Backpacking Panda Planter

by edwin - on August 17th, 2015

basil-pandaDon’t you think that pandas are extremely lovable creatures? I suppose with the bamboo curtain falling down for quite some time already, and with China growing to be an economic force that the world should reckon with, you can be sure that anything there is to do with pandas will elicit some interest. Well, the $14.99 Basil Backpacking Panda Planter is cute enough on its own, where it carries a straw in his mouth, alongside a basil herb garden in his backpack where he will perch comfortably on the edge of any glass or mug. All of this without moving around one bit, now how about that? Made out of ceramic, you’d best be careful not to drop it, otherwise he will most probably end up like Humpty Dumpty.

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