Recipe Dice

by edwin - on July 1st, 2015

recipe-diceNot too sure of what you are going to cook for dinner? Well, fret not – there are plenty of ideas out there based on the number of recipes that have flooded the Internet, not to mention how you can always download an app on your tablet or smartphone that will pull the most recent and creative of recipes so that you can always whip up something delicious on the fly. However, if you would like to be really, really spontaneous, then you can check out the $17.99 Recipe Dice. There will be a dozen dice that are made of solid wood, and they feature more than 60 seasonal vegetables, hearty grains, juicy meats, flavorful spices, and succulent herbs. Just roll all of the dice, and place all of the ingredients together to cook a dish. How about that for total randomness?

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