R2-D2 Dome Purse

by edwin - on July 24th, 2015

r2-d2-dome-purse05I know that R2-D2 has more or less saved the galaxy one too many times, and the Jedi are definitely indebted to this astromech droid, but don’t you think that it is beneath the dignity of good ol’ Artoo to end up as a purse? Yes sir, the $59.99 R2-D2 Dome Purse might look mighty cute to whoever decides to purchase it, but it still does not belie just how far down R2-D2 has gone. It should be in the thick of action, trying to rescue a princess in distress, or perhaps to send a holographic message to some lost looking lad on a desert planet. Instead, it will carry around your tiny bits and pieces, including a tablet and smartphone. Good thing there are some metal feet on the bottom to prevent wear and tear.

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