Notebook “Paper” Napkins

by edwin - on July 7th, 2015

paper-napkinNow this definitely looks like a fun prank to play on your guests the next time you decide to carry out some sort of dinner or party at your place. After all, once you have enjoyed yourself with a fair share of delectable spreads, surely you would need to wipe your mouth with something. A hanky might be too old fashioned, and hence a paper napkin would be the perfect fodder. The thing is, why not create a stir when you take out the $14.99 Notebook “Paper” Napkins and start wiping your mouth with it? Folks might be aghast at first, since they would think you are using actual paper notes to do so, but chances are when they do not hear of the crumple sounds, then they would know that this is a cleverly designed pack of napkins.

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