Moose Oven Mitt

by edwin - on July 20th, 2015

moose-oven-mittBaking stuff in the oven is not only fun, the outcome would, most of the time, be delicious, too. Having said that, rather than to make use of a regular oven mitt, why not take the necessary step to spruce up your life in the kitchen with the $9.99 Moose Oven Mitt? This is one of the more ‘amooosing’ mitts to have around in any kitchen, and it is a surefire way to kick off a conversation. The Moose Oven Mitt will do its bit to protect your hand and arm hair from the unbearable heat in the oven itself. Apart from that, it is the perfect silly gift for those who have love for the great outdoors, and it measures 12.5″ in length while coming in quilted cotton.

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