Magical Unicorn Champagne Horn

by edwin - on July 9th, 2015

magical-unicorn-hornEat, drink, and be merry! I guess that is the mantra for many a warrior of yore, since they can never quite tell just when that will be their last night on earth to be able to enjoy all of the earthly delights. Well, if you are going to throw a bash, why not go all out along the way with the £19.99 Magical Unicorn Champagne Horn? This unique drinking implement will show the rest of your mates that you are dead serious about celebrating, and it is a mythical chalice fit for a king and/or queen. Holding up to 2.15 oz of your favorite drink, you no longer have to clink glasses with the rest of the peasants and only hang out with nobility. Made out of BPA-free ABS plastic, it will not react too kindly to hot liquids.

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