The Original Moustache Guard Mug

by edwin - on June 1st, 2015

moustache-guard-mugSo, you happen to have taken great pains in order to make sure that your moustache is well manicured and taken care of, but the entire shebang can be ruined if you happen to indulge in a mug of frothy drinks. Perhaps it is time to take more affirmative action – with the £14.99 The Original Moustache Guard Mug. This is a unique mug that has been specially tailored to cater to those with devilishly dapper face fuzz, where it ensures that your moustache remains nice and dry even as you sip on your sizzling drink. This is a unique reinvention of a 19th century favorite, and you can bottoms up without having to feel conscious at all.

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