R2-D2 BBQ Apron

by edwin - on June 27th, 2015

bbq_apron_r2d2The world’s most famous astromech droid, R2-D2, is back in action once again. This time around, he is not going to save the galaxy, and neither is he going to help any of the Skywalker generation fly a starfighter vessel, but rather, the function is a whole lot more basic. We are looking at it making sure that your clothes will not end up stained which can be rather difficult to clean up afterwards. I am referring to the $19.99 R2-D2 BBQ Apron. A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, it will feature a one-piece drawstring which can be expanded in order to cater to just about every body type, while a quartet of pockets will work well to hold the rest of your cooking gadgets and utensils.

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