Multilingual Cheers Pint Glass

by edwin - on June 9th, 2015

multilingual-cheers-glassThere is nothing quite like knocking back a fair number of glasses of your favorite “poison”, so to speak, after a particularly grueling week at work. Why not make things more fun if you were to host an intimate party with the $19.99 Multilingual Cheers Pint Glass? This set of four pint glasses will arrive in red, blue, green, and yellow colors, and it happens to be a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive. As its name suggests, the set of 4 pint glasses will arrive covered with toasts in multiple languages, and there are 16 different renderings in total, so chances are pretty high that you will be able to bump into one that you are able to identify with. Made out of glass (what else?), these happen to be dishwasher safe, but it is strongly advisable not to place it into a microwave.

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