Chemistry Bar Set

by edwin - on June 29th, 2015

chemistry-bar-setChemistry can be a very tricky thing – there are many different kinds of elements involved, and you know for sure that there will be various items that you would need to take into consideration so that you do not end up in an explosive mess. Thankfully, when it comes to drinks, things are a whole less volatile – which is why the $49.99 Chemistry Bar Set would be worth checking out. You might be the mix master of mixology, where you will then be able to make use of the Chemistry Bar Set in order to come up with your very own collection of magic potions through the use of such precise and extremely scientific looking tools which one would normally see in a school lab and nowhere else. The Chemistry Bar Set will comprise of 9 one ounce test tube shot glasses, a trio of two ounce lab flask shot glasses, a large ten ounce lab flask mixes, a single glass stir stick, and a metal carrying tray.

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