World’s Best Final Boss Mug

by edwin - on May 22nd, 2015

worlds-best-final-boss-mugMost of us happen to work in life – after all, how else are you going to pay off all those bills at the end of the month? Having said that, it is also imperative that you fall into one of either two categories – those who work for others, and those who have others work for you. In other words, be an employee or a boss. If you are an employee, and you have more or less seen out your terms of employment as your retirement age nears, perhaps it would be prudent to check out just what else can be done on your behalf to leave a sweet taste in the mouth of your superior. Enter the $9.99 World’s Best Final Boss Mug, where it will target bosses who’ve got game as the message is delivered in a blocky font.

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