Gigantic Chocolate Donut Pool Float

by edwin - on May 25th, 2015

gigantic-choco-pool-donutTry taking a bite out of this particular donut! Chances are your teeth are not going to get too much traction on it, simply because this is no ordinary, sugary donut that will be able to send you to sweet ecstasy. No sir, the $19.99 Gigantic Chocolate Donut Pool Float is, as its name suggests, a pool float that intends to keep your little one afloat this coming summer as you bring your family to the pool side, or by the sea. Not only that, it is the ideal tool to satisfy your inner Homer (of The Simpsons fame, of course), while everyone else around you throws glances of envy! The Gigantic Chocolate Donut Pool Float measures 4 feet in diameter, and it is made from extra thick durable vinyl to last longer.

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