Game of Gnomes

by edwin - on May 22nd, 2015

game-of-gnomesSummer is coming, so you would do well to ensure that preparations for this sunny season are well and in order If you would like to spruce up your garden a wee bit, then you can check out this unique addition that is sure to have onlookers and passers-by who are curious enough to take more than a peek – and I am referring to the £19.99 Game of Gnomes. Clearly, this is inspired by the Game of Thrones, where it features a handsome lawn ornament that has been forged from a “thousand” rusty gardening tools. It is going to add some flair to your garden, although it definitely is unable to ward off the like of garden pests. If you were to take a closer look at it, it might even carry some semblance of a disgruntled and tyrannical Papa Smurf

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