Seed Bombs Throw and Grow Plants

by edwin - on April 23rd, 2015

seed-bombsNobody likes a garden full of weeds, as it looks downright ugly, not to mention is a breeding ground mosquitoes and other kinds of pests. Apart from that, you cannot really tell whether there is a snake hiding somewhere in the midst, too. Why not plant some flowers at the same time? If you are one who advocates a randomness in the way things go, then the $4.99 Seed Bombs Throw and Grow Plants would surely be worth checking out. Forget about real bombs, as those are bad, but why not go for seed bombs instead? At least it makes things more beautiful at the end of it, where each package of Seed Bombs Throw and Grow Plants will feature half a dozen of these bombs. Just throw them and wait for nature to take its course.

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