Photo Props Disguise Pen

by edwin - on April 11th, 2015

sugai-world-photo-props-penIf you happen to attend weddings these days, you would more or less know that there is this particular area at the wedding venue which will be known as the “photo booth”, and it is a place where you can snap zany looking photos, thanks to the presence of props. Well, you do not need to wait for anyone to tie the knot now with the $18 Photo Props Disguise Pen, where it is a writing instrument in reality, coming with the added advantage of delivering cosplay moments, thanks to its clever camouflage. There will be five unique designs to choose from, including glasses that instantly transform you into a sophisticated writer; a mustache which makes you a dandy; stars to give you a ditzy look; a cat that turns you into a cute animal; and a heart which will resonate with those who have a sweet touch.

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