Office Commando Blaster

by edwin - on April 26th, 2015

office-commando-blasterWorking in an office can be quite the boring task, really. Well, perhaps things have been so boring, that you would like to spruce it up. How about settling for something that is non-threatening, and yet everyone is able to identify with? The $7.95 Office Commando Blaster, which stands at approximately 9″ tall and 6.5″ wide, will require you to push the pencil, before you see the man go wild. This is a vintage, office humor toy that will definitely be able to have you laughing even when stress levels are incredibly high, since this example of a disgruntled and sleep deprived employee will go all nuts, as he makes an attempt to gun down the entire office as he stands on top of his chair. He will also spout hilarious phrases as he shakes violently.

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