Doomed S+P Shakers

by edwin - on April 29th, 2015

doomed-shakersI am not quite sure about you, but do you feel as though the earth is in its death throes somewhat? I mean, there are earthquakes happening on a more regular basis now, the world isn’t getting any cooler with the threat of global warming, crazy ideologies have led to the massacre of innocents, it does feel as though there is no more point left in living. Well, if you share a similar sentiment, perhaps you might want to have a same environment at your dining table, too, with the $17.99 Doomed S+P Shakers. The name itself does give the game away, as it comes in the form factor of a skull, and each of these are made out of hand-blown borosilicate glass with a frosted satin finish, so no two items are the same.

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