Deep Sea Critter Lid Lifters

by edwin - on April 15th, 2015

critter-lidCooking can be a very challenging task to indulge in – especially when you take into consideration how each dish is different, and will require various cooking times. Experience also comes in handy to know just when is the right time to turn off the flame, or to lower it. Having the right kind of tools will also help you a long way, such as this heat-sensitive color-changing, Escape! Deep Sea Critters Lid Lifters. $11.99 will net you a set of two silicone lid lifters, where one of them is a crab, and the other is an octopus. Using it is as simple as slipping a silicone octopus tentacle or crab claw on top of your stock pot, and you no longer need to worry about over boiling ever again.

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