Cat Butt LED Key Chain

by edwin - on April 2nd, 2015

cat-butt-led-key-chainIt might be safe to say that cat butts happen to be an unavoidable presence if you happen to be a pet guardians, so you might as well jolly well enjoy the ride while you are at it! The $6.99 Cat Butt LED Key Chain will be able to bring some comic relief, especially when you take into consideration how its butt will not smell at all, and neither will it leave a stench or stain on your couch or favorite shirt, but rather, it will be able to offer a glimmer of light – which is a good thing, of course. Using it is as simple as pushing the button on his head, and it will then light up the LED that is located on the kitten’s butt, obviously. Perfect to use in your handbag when you need to search for something while you are in the cinema or other dark places.

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