Take Out Box Laundry Hamper

by edwin - on March 18th, 2015

take_out_box_laundry_hamperDirty laundry needs to be washed – there are no two ways about that for sure, but just how do you separate your dirty laundry from the clean ones? A laundry basket will most definitely help, this is for sure, and if you would want to get even more creative, how about settling for the $19.99 Take Out Box Laundry Hamper? This is one laundry hamper, where as its name suggests, will come in the same shape as that of the iconic a Chinese takeout box, except that it stands at close to 2 feet in height, now how about that? The Chinese takeout box is rather unique in the US, since it is more or less the universal sign for Chinese food in that part of the world, being developed in Chicago originally by inventor Frederick Weeks Wilcox who was trying to figure out a more efficient method to package shucked oysters.

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