Spray Can Crayons

by edwin - on March 1st, 2015

spray-can-crayonsEveryone has a story to tell – a story of humble beginnings, and even the most monstrous person whom you know would have had a trigger event in his or her life that has turned him or her into who you see today. Well, how about vandals? Perhaps they have a talent for art, but never really had the opportunity to express themselves using paint and colors, which is why all of the pent up frustration is released in the latter years through the vandalizing of public property. You might start them young with the $11.95 Spray Can Crayons – not exactly the spray can itself, but crayons still are potent enough to “decorate” your walls. Each Crayon is approximately 4″ tall and 2″ wide. Choose from purple, orange and green shades.

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