Space Odyssey Plush Shuttle Slippers

by edwin - on March 24th, 2015

space-shuttle-slippersIf you have quite the avid imagination, perhaps it is time for some out-of-this-world thinking. I am referring to the $24.99 Space Odyssey Plush Shuttle Slippers, where they will be able to transform your feet into space shuttles, although you will most probably be limited to moving about in the confines of your own home rather than explore an environment that has no gravity. This is a unique ThinkGeek creation, where a single size ought to be able to fit most adult feet comfortably, not too sure about hobbits who are interested though. Soft and plush, you can be sure that “traveling” in a pair of these will be a whole lot more enjoyable as opposed to doing so in the actual space shuttle.

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