Shit Ur Old Candles

by edwin - on March 25th, 2015

sht-ur-oldHmmm, we do seem to be on a candle streak today, so why not end it with candles – except that this one will be a whole lot more snarky as opposed to creepy. I am referring to the $4.99 Shit Ur Old Candles. After all, candles are used to depict a person’s age on a birthday cake – one large candle for each decade, and a small one to represent a single year. Well, if you are sick and tired of revealing your age to the masses at a general party, perhaps getting the Shit Ur Old Candles will be able to detract people from asking you questions as to the year you were born. After all, doesn’t the candles spell out how you would not want to be bothered, while taking a pot shot at yourself? Just make sure the recipient of this gift will have a wicked sense of humor like yours if you are going to pass it to him or her.

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