Prank Auto Scratch

by edwin - on March 4th, 2015

prank-auto-scratchA brand new car would mean one thing – you would most probably pay more attention to it than to yourself, and even the most minute scratch would probably be noticed, never mind that you forgot to put on your working pants that morning to go to office as you walked in with a long sleeved shirt and a pair of bermudas instead, simply because all you could think of was where did that tiny scratch at the rear fender happen. Well, just in case you know someone who is a worry wart in the same league and would like to pull a quick one on him or her, the $2.95 Prank Auto Scratch does seem to be a mean trick. It is easy to stick on any car and removed, but choose your victim carefully lest you end up being handled physically after revealing that you are the prankster.

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