Labonetz Pelvic Roller Tollne 8

by edwin - on March 3rd, 2015

labonetz-pelvic-roller-tollneThere is no short cut at all when it comes to good health – long term results and benefits happen only when you do things the old fashioned way, and that would mean good ol’ exercise. If you have been wanting to tone up your hips and waist all this while, but never really managed to stick to a particular routine for long, then perhaps it is time you checked out the $148 Labonetz Pelvic Roller Tollne 8. It sounds like a gimmick, and considering the price, it should not be an impulse purchase, but it claims to offer you a convenient method to tone your hips and waist, and at the same time improve your pelvis posture. Heck, you can opt to use it sitting down or standing up – simply strap it onto your upper legs and you’re good to go as you move your legs up and down.

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