Crystal Nightlight

by edwin - on March 10th, 2015

crystal-nightlightIf you happen to be one who love to grow crystals, then here is something that you might want to check out – the $19.99 Crystal Nightlight, which will allow you to enjoy a cool night light that glows in a spectrum of colors. Of course, it is not instant, since you will first need to grow the crystal from alum powder, before you start to get around wiring up the nightlight circuitry, where afterwards, put two and two together, and you‘ve got quite the stunning night light, actually, although it is far from being convenient in the first place. It comes with a color-changing LED circuit that turns this crystal into the nerdiest one on the block. Just make sure that you have a couple of empty jars, some paper, scissors, tape, string, screwdriver, glue and tweezers before you get started.

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