Catstarter shows interesting “keyboard” for your cat to sleep on

by edwin - on March 17th, 2015

usb-heated-cat-keyboard-bedFor those of you out there who happen to have cats at home, you would most probably be able to identify with the fact that cats do sleep on your computer keyboard from time to time, which can be quite an irritant especially when you do not want to vacuum up their fur from in between the keys each time before you start work. Well, Catstarter (a Kickstarter clone but for cat related stuff and with a corporate sponsor) has showcased the Hot Keys idea – a “keyboard” which will plug into a USB port, allowing your cat to snooze on it while you continue working on an actual keyboard. After all, when it is plugged in, it will remain nice and warm, which is perfect for your feline friend to snooze on.


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