Bubble Blowing R2-D2

by edwin - on March 3rd, 2015

bubble-blowing-r2d2Now we have certainly seen our fair share of crazy toys in the past, especially those that happen to carry the Star Wars trademark, where some of the ideas have gone off the mark, but here is a rather cute one – which is basically an oversized bubble blower, actually. I am referring to the Bubble Blowing R2-D2 that, as its name suggests, would come in the form of the traditional R2-D2 setup – heck, it is sized almost the same as the real deal, but when you fill it up with bubble solution, it will get to work – sending out a rapid stream of non-stop bubbles, complete with his trademark bleeps and bloops, now how about that? One is also able to pick from straight, oscillate, or random choices – while pricing details remain unknown, it ought to hit the market some time later this fall.


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