Beer Briefcase

by edwin - on March 21st, 2015

beer-briefcaseNow if you have always wanted to have a witty answer to the question of one who looks at your bulging beer belly and asks where is your six pack, simply pull out the $39.99 Beer Briefcase, and with a cheeky smile, open it up to reveal the secret to your beautiful rotund gut! This is a metal-look briefcase which might look as though it holds important documents, but what it actually does is to carry half a dozen bottles of your favorite libation. All of the bottles will be held firm in precision-cut foam inserts, where it will also feature combination locks that does away with unwanted consumption. Of course, once open, it would be best to finish all six bottles within, as should you close and lock it, you might end up forgetting the combination after having more than just beer as your mates buy you some hard liquor to go along with the same drinking session.

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