Toxic Waste Shot Glass Set

by edwin - on February 9th, 2015

toxic-waste-shot-glass“Choose your poison…” – many a times, I am quite sure that we have heard of this particular expression before, and it more often than not has everything to do with your alcoholic drink of choice. Having said that, the next time you would want to use that particular line at a party in which you happen to be the host, why not go the whole nine yards with the $14.99 Toxic Waste Shot Glass Set? After all, poisons are no doubt toxic in nature – by their name alone, so to have the alcoholic beverage of your choice poured into such unique glasses would add a touch of elegance to the entire shebang, don’t you think so? It arrives boxed in a set of three — radioactive red, biohazard yellow, and skull-and-crossbones poison black.

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