Magical Unicorn Ladies’ Underwear

by edwin - on February 4th, 2015

underwear-unicornThis 3 pack Magical Unicorn Ladies’ Underwear from the folks over at ThinkGeek go to show that there really is magic under your clothes, and it need not poop rainbow. Not at all. The three pairs would comprise of two ivory and one black, and all of them for just $19.99 a pop. After all, just like handbags and shoes, one can never have too much underwear, right? You would end up with an ivory pair with ivory lace, an ivory pair with goldenrod lace, and a black pair with goldenrod lace, where all of them will sport a gold bow and tiny unicorn head charm located in the front with a large unicorn, being printed in gold foil on the right butt cheek.

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