Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix – Vol. 1 Pendant

by edwin - on February 25th, 2015

gotg-mix-pendantIf you happen to be a huge fan of Marvel’s recent movie, Guardians of the Galaxy – which is a rather obscure comic as opposed to the other more notable franchises that we have seen such as Thor, the Avengers and Iron Man, then you would surely not mind picking up this unique fashion accessory to be part of your mix. I am referring to the $24.99 Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix – Vol. 1 Pendant, which is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive. This particular pendant happens to be the compilation tape from Guardians of the Galaxy, and while it will not be able to play back a single tune, it does feature enameled details on the front, while the back carries the Marvel logo. It is also an officially licensed Guardians of the Galaxy jewelry, and will arrive packaged in a presentation cassette tape case.

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